Garlic Bread 7.00(V)

Golden toasted turkish bread spread w lashings of garlic butter.

Cheesy Garlic Bread 9.00(V)

Golden toasted turkish bread spread with lashings of garlic butter topped w grilled cheese.

Bruschetta 11.00(V)

Diced ripe tomatoes, fresh chopped basil, spanish onion, garlic, olive oil w a balsamic reduction & toasted garlic bread.


Soup of the Day 12.50

Chefs homemade selection, served w a freshly baked dinner roll.

Crispy Duck Spring Rolls 13.50

Shredded marinated duck in a crispy fried wonton wrapper & served with a spicy wild plum sauce & a petite garnish salad.

Stuffed Mushrooms 14.50(V)

Fresh mushroom cups stuffed w seasoned rice & vegetables, lightly crumbed served with lemon & avocado aioli.

Grilled Chicken & Prosciutto King Prawn Skewers 15.50

Tender seasoned chicken breast pieces & prosciutto wrapped king prawns skewered & grilled, served on jasmine rice w a fresh banana coconut liquor dip. 

Pan Fried Scallops 19.50

Pan fried scallops on top of jasmine rice w Fresh Fig, hollandaise sauce & smoked chorizo dust finished w a sweet pear puree.


Duck, Pear, Fig & Feta Salad 24.50

Sliced duck breast draped over a crisp salad mix w crumbled feta, shredded pear, crispy wontons, roasted walnuts & finished w a sweet balsamic glaze.

Moroccan Chicken Salad 22.50

Seasoned crispy chicken breast pieces stacked on top of salad greens, mixed with spanish onion, crispy bacon, crumbled feta, crunchy potatoes & orange segments, finished w a creamy lemon & avocado aioli.

Warm Thai Beef Salad 23.50

Tender marinated fillet steak strips draped over an asian inspired salad w crispy noodles & a sweet & spicy thai dressing.

Salt & Pepper Squid Salad 22.50

Tender seasoned squid pieces on top of a tropical salad including pineapple and coconut & served w chilli & lime dressing.


Salmon Patties 20.50

House made golden crumbed salmon patties served with a fresh garden salad, lemon & tartare sauce.

Spaghetti Carbonara 21.50

Al dente cooked spaghetti tossed with bacon, onion, mushrooms, eggs, shallots, garlic, fresh cream & parmesan cheese.

Homemade Chunky Steak, Red Wine & Mushroom Pie 22.50

Blind baked puff pastry filled with tender diced steak, chunky mushrooms, garlic & red wine gravy topped w seasoned spring onion mash

& served w a crisp side salad.

Vegetarian Delight 23.50(V)

Oven roasted field mushroom, roasted pumpkin, baked capsicum, spanish onion, zucchini, grilled halloumi stacked on baby spinach, sliced avocado & toasted turkish bread w a balsamic reduction & cashews.

Chicken, Bacon, Brie & Avocado 27.50

Grilled chicken breast wrapped in bacon & pocketed with creamy brie cheese, topped w sliced avocado, hollandaise sauce & sweet crisps served on seasoned rice & garnished w a fine sliced pear, parmesan & walnut salad.

Sweet Chilli Lime Baked Barra W Grilled King Prawns 29.50

Oven baked barramundi fillet w a sweet chilli & lime glaze topped w grilled king prawns & served w rice, poached asparagus & béarnaise sauce.

Oceans Catch 25.50

Crispy battered barramundi, tempura king prawns & salt n pepper squid w fresh lemon & homemade tartare, salad & chips.

250g Black Angus Sirlion Steak 32.50

250 grams of tender Black Angus Sirlion steak cooked to your liking served w spring onion mash, roast pumpkin & sauteed garlic vegetables.

Add Sauce - Gravy, Dianne, Peppercorn, Mushroom, Hollandaise, Béarnaise, Creamy Garlic 3.00

Add Garlic King Prawns – grilled, butterflied king prawn’s w a creamy garlic sauce 6.00